Rhonda’s Bio

How does a ‘bay’ girl from Newfoundland get started in the travel industry? It all started when Rhonda was a young girl and accompanied her grandmother for extended summer trips to visit family in the U.S. She loved those trips. In 1978 while attending University, Rhonda took a ‘summer job’ as a travel consultant, and 33 years later, her passion for travel has become integral to her very existence.

Rhonda's hunger to learn this business quickly propelled her career to management in Newfoundland and with Newfoundland firmly conquered, she set her sites on Canada's other coast, and second most beautiful place on earth, (after Newfoundland, of course), the spectacular mountainous Pacific coast of British Columbia. Becoming a resident of Vancouver, Rhonda became the Regional Sales Manager for 33 branches in less than a year from the date she accepted the transfer to B.C.

As a regional manager, Rhonda proved her abilities in the areas of business development, sales and revenue growth, client retention, relationship management and the development of highly effective sales teams.

Never content, Rhonda took a three-year sabbatical to get her Degree in Sales and Marketing Management at UBC, and then accepted a sales position at a Travel Agency outsourcing services company, where she continues to apply her vast knowledge of the industry toward a very successful and rewarding sales career.

One of the aspects Rhonda enjoys about her present job is that it keeps her really interested and up to date on the industry she loves, but also affords her the opportunity to travel. Rhonda has the odd opinion on how to run an agency. She's seen lots of them. They say travel gets in your blood. To sum up Rhonda Stanley, it's in her blood.


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